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1 hour 40 minutes at £59
Available throughout-
September to December

At this time of the year , darkness sinks into the earth. 
The longest day,
The shortest night.
We search for illuminating warmth
And when we find it we become that little bit more radiant.
This treatment offers a helping hand in just that

- Using Vanilla pumpkin body butter made up of sweet baked pumpkin, caramel, maple syrup and almond milk, we will spend 60 minutes massaging the back, back of legs and feet working our magic to release the build up of knots and tension

- Moving on to a nourishing orange flower facial using a pumpkin instant radiance mask, your skin will feel instantly brighter, smoother and healthier while worries are hidden in the back of your busy mind.

Enjoy a pumpkin spice flavoured coffee,  luxury hot chocolate or cup of tea with time to come around at the end of your treatment 

Leave feeling grounded, calm and focused ready to take on the winter months 

Treatment involves

-60 minute back, back of leg
and foot massage
-30 minute facial
and scalp massage
-10 minute relaxation and drink


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