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Fall asleep during one of the most cosseting of facials and wake up with clearer, brighter and younger looking skin. Using only organic products with the finest natural ingredients, know that your skin is being looked after inside out...



The skin is the body's largest organ, and an active barrier between our bodies and the environment. It's well known that what you put on your skin ends up in your body.

When it comes to ingredients, we pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity and transparency. We make our products with the maximum organic, natural and wild ingredients

Quite simply, organic ingredients are better for you because they contain the highest levels of beneficial antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients.


They're also better for the planet because they're free from toxic pesticides and chemical fertilisers, better for farmers, their families and communities, the soil, future crops, wildlife, water courses....we could go on. Basically, organic is just better!

Age defying Frankincense intense

75 minutes £58
(Optional 10 minute foot massage add on 85 minutes £63)

This award winning anti-ageing facial helps boost the skins suppleness, instantly hydrate, firm, reduce visible lines and increase elasticity. A luxurious hot stone hand and arm massage is included as well as a de-stressing scalp massage and lymphatic drainage face massage.

Exotic Frankincense oil is one of the most important oils for rejuvenating the skin and in our intensive serum it is enriched with deeply replenishing, firming and anti-oxidant extracts of turmeric and blueberry oil to give visible age-defying results.

Rehydrating Rose facial

60 minutes £48
(Optional 1
0 minute foot/arm massage add on 70 minutes £53)

Restore radiance to tired skin. Precious damask rose and nourishing plant oils replenish skin’s moisture levels and help to boost skin’s natural radiance. A wonderfully feminine treat!

A firming and toning facial massage with our fabulous organic Rose Facial Oil is a highlight of this treatment. This little bottle of oil contains 170 rose petals! Ideal for skin which has occasional dryness, sensitivity and is prone to fine lines.

Purifying Palmarosa facial

60 minutes £48
(Optional 1
0 minute foot/arm massage add on 70 minutes £53)

A deep cleansing facial for oily and combination skin which helps to decongest and remove impurities without stripping natural oils

A facial for skin with visible pores, a shiny T-zone, blemishes and congestion

Products contain herbal extracts alpine willowherb, palmarosa and mattifying kaolin to remove impurities, detoxify and rebalance moisture levels to reveal fresh, radiant skin.

Nourishing orange flower facial

60 minutes £48
(Optional 1
0 minute foot/arm massage add on 70 minutes £53)

Nourish, replenish and boost moisture to your skin, with organic orange flower and naturally active botanical oils, to quench dry skin and revive your natural glow. Every delicate organic orange blossom, or neroli as it’s also known, is handpicked on a single estate at the foot of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains.

Our Orange Flower skincare collection deeply replenishes and rehydrates dry skin, and protects against moisture loss and premature ageing. Nourishing neroli and antioxidant pomegranate oils intensely moisturise, soothe and protect dry skin in a light, easily absorbed lotion.

Eye brow tint £10

Eye lash tint £12

Eyebrow wax £8

Lip wax £5

*A patch test must be carried out for all tinting 48 hours prior to treatment

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