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So much more than just a body scrub, our aromatherapy infused products work to harmonise and indulge your whole body enlightening the senses.

Calming rose and geranium body harmony

70 minutes £50

A tension releasing treatment infused with balancing aromatherapy oils.

Feel soothed and relaxed with the combination of detoxifying body brushing, rose and geranium moisturising body polish, skin nurturing rose and geranium body lotion, finishing with a tension releasing back massage.

A perfect therapy to rebalance, hydrate and leave a feeling of complete calmness and serenity.

Invigorating frankincense and mandarin body boost

80 minutes £55

An uplifting full body treatment infused with purifying aromatherapy oils. Feel energised and stimulated with total head to toe invigoration including detoxifying body brushing, Frankincense and mandarin radiant body scrub, Frankincense and mandarin nourishing omega-rich body lotion, finishing with a de-knotting back massage followed by a stimulating and decongesting back of leg massage.

Leave feeling energised and alive!

Firm my figure 90 minutes £60

Target dimpled skin! An all over body therapy designed to stimulate sluggish circulation, aid in the removal of waste and toxins, as well as restoring suppleness and firmness to the silhouette.

After excessive body brushing to enliven your whole system and stimulate circulation, a frankincense and mandarin exfoliation sets to work deep cleansing and detoxifying. Next enjoy a lymphatic drainage massage concentrating on the thigh and buttock area using rejuvenating body firming cream to reduce the appearance of dimpled skin and refine skin texture with a potent blend of organic green coffee, Marine algae and oat kernel extract.

Regular treatments and at home care will result in a sleeker silhouette in no time.


Finishing this therapy is a anti ageing and firming massage to the neck and face using only the best .. Rejuvenating frankincense facial oil, clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles containing intensely nourishing omega-rich oils and plumping plant extracts!

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