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Special Packages

Very special packages thoughtfully put together with what we think works best. Providing you with the most relaxing and beneficial experience at Le petit spa. Also perfect to give as a gift!

Our signature treatment-Sensory escape

2 hours £80- When booking this therapy please let us know which experience you wish to enjoy

Indulge and basque in our signature treatment

choosing from four bespoke and unique experiences

depending on how you wish to feel. Each treatment consists of an aromatherapy back massage using your chosen pre blended aromatherapy oil followed by a hypnotising reflexology treatment. Whilst still in a peaceful daze at this point your therapist will leave you to enjoy a guided meditation soundtrack played through the speakers matched to your chosen experience.

Come around from your daydream with a cup of organic herbal tea chosen again to suit your mood and chosen package. Leave with a small souvenir of your special visit to create a similar feeling at home.. remedies to roll are a blend of essential oils which can be easily applied to pulse points to restore, revive or relax.

Focusremain calm yet focused

Infused with spearmint and rosemary, choose focus to help clear the head and refocus the mind. This therapy will help you tackle difficult tasks and academic learning with renewed vigour and clarity


Aids concentration and enhances memory

A refreshing pick me up

Calming  and Uplifting

Relieves stress and tension

Includes Neals yard..

Focus oil

Study remedie to roll

Inner strength tea


ENERGISE - enhance vitality naturally

A vitality-boosting therapy designed to help mind and body keep up with the demands of busy lifestyles

This invigorating treatment helps when your energy levels are low. Energising ginger and clove help a depleted system recuperate, giving you essential support and vitality when you need it most. 


Boosts the mind

Energises the body

Renews vigour for life

Includes Neals yard..

Vitality oil

Energy remedies to roll

Vitality tea

ESCAPE - Clear the mind, drift away..

Choose this therapy when you just want to escape your troubles and flop. Exotic ylang ylang is combined with heavenly neroli to transport you to a place of tranquillity.

A gently cheering blend to help quiet a racing mind, lift the spirits and ease feelings of anxiety. 


Soothing and unwinding

Promotes calm and relaxation

Provides a feeling of peace

Includes Neals yard..

De-stress oil

Relaxation remedie to roll

Calming tea

UNWINDA ray of sunshine to help gently

                      balance the emotions

A blend of grounding vetiver and relaxing lavender brings welcome relief when you find it difficult to relax and switch off. This therapy will stop your mind whirring and give you a refreshing nights sleep. 

Restful and soothing, a relaxing combination of hawthorn, chamomile and lime flower help ease the mind and allow you to you gently drift away.


Relaxes before sleep

Helpful at times of anxiety and depression

Helps with insomnia

Includes Neals yard..

Night time oil

Night time remedie to roll

Night time tea


The most popular and favoured therapy!

1 hour 30 minutes £60

If you need to free your mind of everyday nonsense, and your body of knots and tension this 90 minute package is perfect for you.

The treatment commences with a heavenly hot stone back, neck and shoulder massage, followed by a loosening calf and back of leg massage, moving onto a de-stressing foot massage finishing with a soothing and shoulder, face and scalp massage.

A wonderful 90 minute therapy which you will want to experience again, and again …

Out of office wind down 

1 hour 30 minutes £60

Inspired by and dedicated to a handful of ladies who visit le petit spa regularly in need of a little help in relaxing and winding down after a day in the office. Stress and insomnia can be caused by hunching over desks all day causing shoulder and neck pains, also strain to the eyes from gazing at computer screens for hours.

This soothing therapy commences with warming compresses to the back with a hot and cold stone back massage working to ease tired, stressed muscles. Following is a restorative massage to the arms concentrating on the forearms, wrists and tendons to take away typing tension.

To finish is a revitalising treatment to the eyes using the white tea toning eye gel. This cooling, soothing and refreshing eye gel is gently worked around the delicate eye area visibly reducing puffiness and minimising the appearance of dark circles. With antioxidant properties your eyes will feel revitalised and refreshed.

A soothing and stress busting face and scalp massage finishes this wonderful therapy

Luxurious beauty sleep night time send-off 

1 hour 25 minutes £60

A deeply nourishing and intensely calming therapy designed to calm the mind and enhance a restful night’s sleep. Wake up feeling replenished and recharged after a treatment so relaxing you will sleep like a baby.

Nourishing beauty sleep body butter is massaged onto the body in a hypnotic motion leaving the skin feeling beautifully pampered and dreamy. Our luxurious, lightweight and easily absorbed Beauty Sleep Concentrate is then lightly massaged over the face with lymphatic drainage techniques to drain away worries and headaches following with an insomnia busting scalp massage.

The concentrate has been scientifically formulated to support your skins natural night time regeneration, while helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Finish off the treatment with a cup of organic ‘night time tea’, restful and soothing, a relaxing combination of hawthorn, chamomile and lime flower, with calming passionflower and valerian to ease the mind and help you gently drift away to a restful night. Enjoy after your treatment or take home to enjoy a perfect end to the night cosy in pyjamas.

Peaceful bridal escape 

2 hours 45 minutes £108

A sanctuary of calm and tranquility is provided for a therapy designed especially to calm those pre wedding nerves and leave you feeling and looking your very best for the big day.

The treatment begins with a relaxing hot stone back, neck and shoulder massage, followed by a Neal's yard rose facial to ensure your complexion is radiant and glowing, finishing with an eyebrow wax and a luxury float out organic luxury pedicure with your chosen polish.

Pre holiday refresh

Approximately 3 hours £132

Book yourself in for a package of 5 treatments to ensure you are looking your best before sunny holidays.

This delightful package includes an Invigorating frankincense and mandarin body invigoration consisting of body brushing, exfoliation, nourishing body lotion, a de-knotting back massage and stimulating back of leg massage, followed by the little but important details… an eyebrow wax, lash and brow tint, Le petit manicure and a float out luxury organic pedicure. You are now beach beautiful!

*A patch test must be carried out for all tinting 48 hours prior to treatment, please email separately to book a 10 minute appointment for this.

Teachers special - lessons to lullabies

2 hour 35 minutes - £105

*Please email us to book this therapy so we can make sure both therapists are available

Those who teach spend all day with their attention on others, its now time to dedicate time to yourself and be taught a lesson in relaxation... Due to the nature of a teachers job, excessive aches, pains and tension are often held upon the back, neck and shoulders area, so what better way to start your treatment than with a everlasting back massage.
The treatment is carried out by two therapists, the first therapist spending 40 minutes warming the muscles up with the hot stones, using them to work deep into knots and tension. The treatment will then continue by your second therapist who will provide ripples of warm oil rolled over your back and rhythmic massage strokes for the second half of the massage.
Following your heavenly back treatment is a frankincense firming facial, working to boost the skins suppleness, hydrate, firm and replenish tired skin! Within this extraordinary facial there is a de-stressing scalp massage and hot stone hand and arm massage.
Float out after and look forward to your next end of term treat !

Tailor made to you

1 hour 30 minutes - £60

(Perfect for other massage therapists)
Here's a unwritten recipe waiting to be designed by only you.
For those who are almost too passionate about massage they become ever so picky.
Decide, design and create your ideal therapy from the music and smells to the pressure and technique. Design your treatment ever so cleverly, this is your time. Be aligned and perfectly in sync with your own rhythm and requests. Grounding and heavenly, feel like your whole body had been treated just the way you prefer!
Choose how you want to feel for a unique experience each time.

White tea journey -

A delicate, caring and antioxidant rich recipe for 85 minutes of undisturbed indulgence exclusively for you.


White tea mist.. extracting scents of lavender, geranium, chamomile, and ylang ylang, masque your therapy room and treatment bed creating a warm welcome to your white tea journey.

Now dream time- After a nurturing yet deep cleanse and exfoliation enjoy a refreshing facial steam to enhance circulation and remove toxins all whilst gentle rolling massage is carried out with honeysuckle and white tea uplifting lotion over your hands and arms. Move on to experience a white tea facial mask, detoxifying and antioxidant-rich, this award winning facial mask nurtures and acts as an intensive treatment to help plump skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restore natural radiance.

Now forget about the world whilst lost in a hot stone soothing foot massage, sending shivers up your spine free to float in a nautical day dream whilst soft ripples of radiance spread throughout your whole body. Soft fingers alight on your face, feather soft touches tracing the curves around your eyes with the white tea toning eye gel, soothing and toning delicate skin. Come back to life with a refreshing hot cup of white tea- a delicate sweet blend made from the unopened bud. Arise feeling content and as though you have been let in on a very special secret!

1 hour 25 minutes £58

Mother and daughters escape to wonderland

2 hours - £75pp

*Please enquire with us to book this therapy so we can ensure both therapists are available!

'Those who don't believe in magic will never find it' Tumble down the rabbit hole and enjoy a sweet experience bringing mother and daughter together in a comforting bubble of fantasy. Feel refreshed and happy, it's always better when you're together, even if you are both completely bonkers!


To begin with enjoy a nurturing and nourishing organic honey and mandarin hand massage whilst dabbling your toes in a heavenly lavender foot soak.


Tuck up warmly content in your individual cabins with only a wall between you. Your own therapist catering to your own needs, you will each enjoy a graceful facial tailored to your skin on the day, a full 75 minutes including a gentle scalp massage, and foot massage using only natural and organic ingredients along with fine essential oils, sending you into a fantasy land something similar to a story the two of you would read together once upon a time...


Now awake from your daydream brimming with joy and receive a file and polish of your choice to your fingers and toes! (this can be swapped to a back massage if preferred) An elegant treatment which will leave you both grinning just like Cheshire cats!

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