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Treat that extra special lady who means the world to you with a luxury spa visit to remember and cherish forever!

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Ladies only, two people maximum visiting

Valentines Special- Oceans apart


Forget where you are , feel lost in time, listen to the gentle and rhythmic roar of the waves washing up on the shore. You will travel to a place you may never wish to leave. An exotic island where you will be basked in heat.. only a day dream away. Specially pressed and steamed warm bamboo sticks present a indulgent feeling as they are used to massage over the back and back of legs leaving you feeling relaxed, de-stressed and with a sense that your muscles have been stretched, warmed and elongated.

Whilst the lulling sound of waves echoes in the distance, pebbles collected off the shore still warm from the suns rays, are gently used over the contours of the face in a hypnotic and unwinding rhythm allowing you to forget your troubles and completely escape.

Moving forward indulge in a luxurious heavenly cocoa face mask. Highly absorbent the mask works with spearmint and sandalwood oils drawing out dirt and impurities to give a deep cleanse. Fresh mint stimulates and tones the skin, whilst linseed and cocoa butter soften and moisturise. Whilst the goodness of the cocoa mask sinks in, enjoy a soothing scalp massage with nourishing oils until warm mitts bring you back into the present moment.

Walk away feeling content and ever so loved! ​

Consists of; Warm bamboo back and back of leg massage, hot stone gentle face massage, Cocoa face mask, scalp massage





Mother's day special- Le petit magic hour

ONE HOUR - £45

A peaceful hour.. for those who deserve just that.

Make no plans after, reserve the morning or afternoon children, job and stress free. Take this time, just an hour out of your busy life to recharge your batteries and remember how it feels to think about you, only you.

Sit back and begin your magic hour with a peppermint refreshing ritual, which will help put the spring back into your step!

Sip on one of our superblend herbal teas whilst you immerse your feet into hot bubbly water infused with a pre blended neals yard oil, before a invigorating scrub works over each and every hard to reach area.

Now dream time, make yourself comfy on our delightfully heated bed whilst soothing piano notes fill the room, relieving and calming pink peppermint lotion works to hydrate parched feet and increase circulation from the soles of your feet to the tips of your toes. Heated boots now work to warm deeper into the muscles creating a feeling of complete bliss.

Warm compresses now work up the body to reveal a beautiful re hydrating face and shoulder massage, soothing damask rose and organic oils give tired skin a natural revitalising boost. Spend the rest of your day relaxed having enjoyed a whole hour all to yourself. 

Consists of; Refreshing herbal tea, foot soak, pumice foot scrub, pink peppermint foot massage, organic rose oil face, neck and shoulder massage.

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