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spa flower

Small and tranquil, here time stands still

Peaceful and calm, where your thoughts may mill...

Le petit spa at Ploughcroft House Established 2011 in Mirfield before moving to Halifax in 2016. Ladies only, no large group bookings.

Two treatment rooms, highly skilled therapists, one experience.

A quintessentially English spa with a personal and exclusive feel

Situated at the bottom of a cobbled road, Private and tucked away.

Follow the path to the spa. On this walk your relaxation has already begun.
You have become acquainted with a place you may never wish to leave.
Make yourself at home, sink into the warmth of the treatment bed,
Immerse yourself in the canopy of blissful sounds,
All whilst breathing in deliciously spellbinding scents.
Indulge in utter tranquility and peace as your therapies begin...

Welcome to Le petit spa.

Ladies come from near and far, all with the desire to visit Le petit spa.

On the outskirts of Halifax is where the spa resides, Thought of as an escape from the world outside.

A sought after retreat which started off so small, The word soon spread, the secret became known to all.

Although the spa is growing, we are careful to keep, the same concept and magic to sweep you off your feet...

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