At the moment things are a little different on the way we work and run the spa. This is to protect both ourselves and our clients. Please read below on how we plan to keep everyone safe but still guarantee you will forget about COVID-19 and any other worries and woes whilst you are here  :)

Some of our prices have slightly gone up as of 26/12/20
This is due to the precautions we are taking to protect ourselves and our clients. In order to do this we have to cover our costs. and the treatment time lost spent doing extra cleaning in between each client. I have also given my staff a pay rise for all their hard work and for coping with wearing a mask and visor for such long amounts of time.
Due to this we are no longer charging £2 on top of each treatment as we had to throughout most of 2020

We have a QR code on display it is your choice if you would like to scan using a smartphone, you don't have to do this as we collect details of every person visiting here 

All visitors must please wear a mask when entering the garden before coming into the treatment room, this can be removed whilst you are laid face down on the bed and for facial treatments. We are unable to welcome those exempt from wearing a mask for the safety of ourselves with being in such close contact 

The day before your appointment you will receive a reminder email, this email will start with a Covid questionnaire which you must answer to by replying to the email saying you agree 

Please attend your appointment alone

If you are feeling unwell and have any symptoms of COVID-19 please contact us to cancel or re arrange your appointment 

We will be wearing visors/masks during your appointment

Please try bring your own bottle of water to have after your treatment, if not we will provide water with disposable cups

We have hand sanitiser for all clients to use when entering the treatment rooms. This will also be applied to our own hands before and after treatments as well as 30 second hand washing with paper towels


We will check your temperature with a contactless thermometer before your treatment. Our own temperatures will also be checked with this each day

We have anti bacterial spray to be used on surfaces and door handles between EVERY client. More time is left between clients to ensure we can clean appropriately

Please try to use the toilet before you set off, we have a toilet available but would like to keep as little usage as possible 

When paying with cash we ask clients to bring the correct amount so no change is needed. Card and contactless payments are accepted as always

As always please wait until only 5 minutes before your treatment time is due to enter the garden to avoid crossing paths with the client in before you.

All tools which we use in manicures and pedicures will be thoroughly cleaned between each client and soaked in fresh barbicide 

Gift vouchers with an expiry date in 2020 will be extended for a year from the original expiry date